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Thursday, February 14, 2019

FapChat.com review

While searching for the best place where you can meet women or men, with no strings attached, you might have run into tons of sites that promise loads of gorgeous women who would like to hookup, right? Well, you should know that not all sites are legit or worth the effort, and here we will talk about FapChat.com.
When you first visit FapChat.com, you will get a naughty selfie from a hot teen, and on top, you have an option to create an account. This site will also provide you with information about how many members have joined the site “today”, and the number seems a bit over the top.
If you go to the registration page, you will see that everything here is offered for free, but they still ask you to input your credit card number. Pay close attention to all the details listed, because while the lifetime membership is free, the site will automatically check all the given boxes, including the one that promotes you to a VIP membership that is on the right side.
The VIP membership does offer you more options, however, FapChat.com does not really ask your permission, it will automatically check the box, so if you do not want any surprises, make sure to uncheck and read everything properly. In addition, the membership is quite pricey, as you will have to pay $49.95/month, for not that much.
After you are done with your registration, one would expect to be directed to the site’s homepage, but instead, this website will direct you to another online dating site, where you will most likely have to register again. You might already be familiar with how the site FapChat.com actually functions.
The site that will open is called Members-Dating, and the two sites are a part of the same network. However, there is a lot of question surrounding both of these sites, if they are a scam or not. While FapChat.com is not a real dating site, it could take you to an actual website with real gorgeous hotties, but you can always just directly visit other more legit hookup sites instead.