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Thursday, February 14, 2019


Many people wonder if 2Fuck.com is a legit dating website or not, especially since on their homepage they promise a lot. However, this site might work a bit differently than what you are normally used to when it comes to dating sites, so make sure to read this review before you create an account.
First of all, 2Fuck.com is not really a dating site itself, but it is a site that helps other dating sites promote themselves. This means that if you were to create an account on 2Fuck.com, your account will be created on another dating website, where you will be directed after the registration.
There is a high chance that you are already familiar with this because this site is not the only one that does this. The company behind 2Fuck.com is called Crakrevenue, and many of you might not be familiar with that name. Well, Crakmedia and Crakrevenue are actually an internet marketing company that helps other companies generate leads, and they are very successful.
This means that their websites all work in a similar way, as they will take you to other legit websites after you register, which does not necessarily have to be a bad thing. You might want to look into the company behind 2Fuck.com before you register though.
The terms and conditions are supposed to be listed for every website, but somehow this one does not have them, and it is very hard to promote a site or say something nice about it when you do not know much about it yourself. When you are trying to register for 2Fuck.com, it says that everything is free, but you do have to put in your credit card number.
If you scroll down a bit you will find the safe and secure membership disclaimer. There you will be able to see that even though you will not pay for the free membership, that membership lasts a day, and then you will be renewed monthly for $39.95. This is why you will be better off if you visit a more popular dating site, instead.